Zac Mihajlovic, a 29-year-old Batman fanatic from Sydney, Australia, spent approximately 2-years building a Batmobile in his backyard. This 6.2-meter replica Batmobile is modeled after the one used by Batman in the 1989 movie. It’s currently the only one in the world with full street registration. The project began in 2009 when Mr Mihajlovic started buying a few spare parts from the actual Batmobile used in the movie and put them away. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The parts sat around while he built a Batbike and it wasn’t until 2010 that he got in touch Warner Brothers Australia to see if there were any licensing issues for building a Batmobile. Once receiving the all clear, Mihajlovic started working on the Batmobile with his grandfather John Greene, a retired mechanical engineer and Scott Cox. Mihajlovic, who lives with his grandparents, has no formal mechanical training built the Batmobile at home and at Mr Cox’s workshop who says “About 30 per cent is made from the parts used in the film and the rest was moulded and made.”