X15 Dual Wield Flamethrower

Always wanted to become an X-Men? The XMatter X15 flamethrower will at least give you the feeling of becoming Pyro. Featuring a 3.3-gallon tank, three exchangeable wand tips and a maximum range of 50 feet, the 49-pound device sports a 4-foot high pressure hose with a swivel mount. It uses commonly available liquid fuel, which is simply ignited with the pull of the trigger. Each unit is hand-tested to ensure functionality as well as safety, priced at $1,600. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Uncrate, “…it’s actually the most consumer-friendly model we could find, with the default tip and your cocktail of 90% diesel and 10% gasoline. Of course, you can always get ‘increased range along with a tighter stream,’ according to the maker, if you opt for the extra Napalm mix.”

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