Starting off with some good news, Wall Street reopened and three of seven flooded East River tunnels in New York City were cleared of water yesterday. Plus, limited subway service will resume today. On a not so bright note, Hurricane Sandy might have caused up to $50-billion of damage. Continue reading to see a few more before and after pictures.

On one side of an Exxon station in Belleville, N.J., cars stretched down the street, snarling traffic. On the other, people stood in line with gas cans in hand, grabbing as much fuel as they could for cars and generators. A man from Montclair said his girlfriend’s car ran out of fuel in line at another Exxon station. He offered money to people for their empty gas cans, hoping to carry away as much fuel as possible, but he didn’t have any takers.

Price gouging was becoming a concern, especially in New Jersey, where about 100 people had called the attorney general’s office to complain. “Some gas stations have raised their prices by 20 to 30 percent in one day,” Neal Buccino, a spokesman for the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs, told NBC News. “Some hardware stores have doubled the price they charge for generators overnight.”

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