Portable Island

Billionaires can choose to live wherever their heart desires, but many splurge on a superyacht, that is unless…they decide to buy a portable island. Migaloo’s portable island could be moved anywhere in the world, and it comes complete with an 262-foot high penthouse suite, waterfalls and even a helipad. Should one want to keep their superyacht in tow, it comes with an attached mini-harbour. You’ll also find a spa, gym, beauty salons, bar and a pool on-board. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Portable Luxury Island

“The inclusion of vertical gardens, palm trees and even a shark-feeding station add more natural elements to the nautical island. Designers at Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts put together the plans, which the company insist could be built in the near future. Based on proven technology that Migaloo have available, the company say the moveable paradise – known as Kokomo Ailand – would also be perfect for a high-class hotel, company headquarters or casino. Were the island to be used for commercial purposes, the company have included space for crew members to live, as well as a helipad for easy access,” reports Mail Online.