Geeky cat owners who love technology rejoice! A California-based startup has unveiled Bistro, a cat feeder that tracks appetite and weight change patterns using “cat facial-recognition technology.” Featuring a built-in camera that constantly monitors a cat as it eat and drinks and then transmits the info to a live video feed, which owners can view on their smartphone using a special app. That’s not all, “the device also measures and charts the amount of food and water a cat is consuming, so owners can easily notice strange behavior,” says Mashable. Continue reading for a video, more information, and the project page.

Creator Mu-Chi Sung says, “The cats share the same bowl, so I can’t tell who’s eating and who’s not. I wanted to know how they’re doing at home. I would love to apply it to other pets,” he said. “That will be our next project.” Project page.



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