NASA scientists have discovered a bizarre 200-mile high pillar of cloud that has “boiled up out of the foggy atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan,” thanks to the orbiting Cassini probe. This discovery “could offer an insight into the moon’s mysterious atmosphere, where seasons last for seven years, and 300-foot dunes of frozen chemicals roll across the surface of the planet.” Continue reading to watch the “Destination Titan” BBC documentary and for more information on this vortex.

Destination Titan BBC Documentary

Images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show a concentration of high-altitude haze and a vortex materializing at the south pole of Saturn’s moon Titan, signs that the seasons are turning on Saturn�s largest moon.

Recent gravity measurements showed Titan may have an ocean beneath the surface – the ocean is thought to be made of water with a depth of a couple of hundred kilometres. It appears to cover the entire moon beneath 100 kilometres of ice.


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