Aerial Biped Robot

Quadcopter drones are nothing new, but this is the first to be used in this way, or so we’ve seen. Called the “Aerial-Biped,” it was designed by researchers at the University of Tokyo, and uses a quadcopter to help reduce gravity, thus staying upright on on its thin flamingo-like legs. “We aim to develop a biped robot that has the ability to display desired motions, including various dances, in addition to walking…by enabling movements that have been impossible due to the constraints of the mechanisms,” said University of Tokyo’s lead project researcher Azumi Maekawa. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Speaking to IEEE Spectrum, University of Tokyo’s Azumi Maekawa, the lead researcher responsible for designing Aerial-Biped, explains that although this method of locomotion is novel, it’s not exactly practical. It wouldn’t be as useful for, say, delivering packages or search-and-rescue operations (commonly mooted tasks for bipedal bots.),” reports The Verge.

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