BlackPhone 2

Unlike other smartphones, the Blackphone 2 comes fully encrypted by default and comes with a suite of secure features that let you make calls and send texts that are impossible to track. This Android-based device is built by Spanish manufacturer GeeksPhone, as well as security experts Silent Circle and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Everything from the custom-built PrivatOS to web browsing and apps, are encrypted, or have been fitted with an extra layer of security. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“PrivatOS is a so-called ‘skin’ that runs on top of traditional Android software, meaning all Android apps are compatible. The encryption on the Blackphone, Blackphone 2 and tablet is done via the Silent Circle and SpiderOak privacy and security software. Subscriptions are included for two years with each device, and they can then be renewed,” reports The Daily Mail.