BMW M3 Lose control

Great dashcams can be picked up the the price of a decent meal these days, but sometimes, they capture more than the driver bargained for. It’s no surprise that one would want to drive an E46 BMW M3 to its limits, but that should definitely be saved for the track, or else you may end up risking your life, as well as others, on the highway. This driver shows why, as he isn’t even wearing a safety belt while speeding, and thankfuly the vehicle bounced off the guardrail and back onto the second lane, instead of causing a multi-car accident. Continue reading for a few more crazy dash cam videos.

5. Narrow Miss

This dashcam footage was provided by a police cruiser, as it captured an out of control SUV that narrowly missed the on-site officer who can be seen walking back to his vehicle just seconds before it comes sliding into the red sedan. The SUV hit the car initially, then managed to spin backwards into the tow truck’s lowered platform.

4. Semi Crash

A semi-truck can be quite intimidating on narrow roads, and this crash shows why. It took place at the end of April, in the Hoa Binh province of Vietnam, and as you can expect, many people could have been seriously hurt, especially the two riders who got hit by one of the cars at the 1:06 minute mark. Most of the vehicles, besides a silver Ford van and beige Toyota, were luckily spared.

3. Look Both Ways

It’s safe to say that drivers should look both ways before pulling out, but that wasn’t the case here. “First day of our trip, 10 km south of Katherine NT, we are in a Jeep Grand Cherokee towing a 2 tonne camper, Hilux driver didn’t see us, thought he was doing the right thing by the truck by clearing the intersection. Everyone walked away with only minor cuts and bruises, side curtain airbags saved his life! Moral of the story, if you can’t see, don’t go,” said the person who recorded the video.

2. Driving Drunk

UK authorities have released a dash cam video showing an intoxicated Louise Willard from Bexhill in East Sussex driving at nearly 80 mph (128 km/h) along the motorway and coming close to crashing on a number of occasions. She also manages to run over a curb while trying to navigate a roundabout and then swerves down small English streets at 51 mph (82 km/h), coming within inches of crashing into numerous roadworks.

1. Oil Spill Crash at the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is not only one of the world’s most famous race tracks, but also a place where normal people can sign up for a drive. However, there is one drawback for those who get too crazy: there are almost no runoff areas, depending on which part you’re driving, so cars can’t easily get out of the way. The driver of this BMW 3-Series had nearly no chance of recovery.

Bonus – Bad Overtake

Always check your rear view mirrors before overtaking, unlike this driver of a black VW Polo who failed to see the fast-approaching BMW that was already in the fast lane. This surveillance video captures the impact and the split second before.

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