BMW Vision Next 100

We have seen the future of BMW vehicles, and it includes the Vision Next 100. Featuring a shape-shifting “Alive Geometry” exterior, augmented reality dashboards, “Companion” artificial intelligence and more. To start, “Alive Geometry” basically consists of 800 small triangles on the exterior that shape-shift for aerodynamics, while the dashboard alerts drivers to road conditions via augmented reality. There are two driving modes: “Boost”, in which the driver is responsible for operating the car, and “Ease”, where auto-pilot takes over – the seats can rotate so passengers can face one another in “Ease”. Last, but not least, “Companion” artificial intelligence gathers information about the driver to provide driving tips and / or alerts. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the fie most popular viral videos today, including showing how not to charge a phone on a set of train tracks.

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