Plastic Welder

Bondic’s Liquid Plastic Welder can be used to repair almost anything, and it’s not only waterproof, but heat-resistant as well. Simply clean the surface, apply liquid plastic to the area, cure it for 4-seconds using the UV light, add additional layers as necessary, and then sand until you’re happy with the surface. It won’t leave you with sticky fingers, and it works on plastic, wood, metal, as well as fabric. Get one here now for $22. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“It’s not a glue, so don’t use it as one. It’s the ONLY product that works where glue fails. It’s a liquid plastic that never dries until you want it to! Simply squeeze out the desired amount and use the UV LED Light to cure it in 4 seconds and it’s done, the world’s fastest drying bond. You’ll be amazed how fast it works,” according to Bondic. More information

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