Quadrofoil Electric Personal Watercraft

Here’s another look at the Quadrofoil, a dual-seat watercraft that utilizes C-foil technology to lift the vessel above the water, thus reducing water resistance, increasing efficiency, and creating a flying sensation. It’s powered by a near-silent electric motor that creates zero emissions, while still offering a range of up to 62-miles per charge and a cruising speed of up to 23mph. The watercraft features a patented, integrated steering system with a touchscreen that displays battery life, range, speed, and power consumption. Since its lightweight composite hull weighs only 220 pounds, it’s a breeze to get in and out of water. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“Gliding along thanks to its all-electric outboard motor, special steering system, and insane aerodynamic design, this lightweight and eco-friendly watercraft is clearly unlike anything else on the water. You can slice through the water with a cruising speed up to 20 knots, with nary a drop of oil going into the environment,” reports Hi Consumption.

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