Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds

There are Bluetooth headphones, and then the Bragi Dash. Unlike other earbuds, this one boasts an integrated 4GB hard drive (can store music files), Bluetooth connectivity and 15 sensors that measure every thing from how far and quickly you’ve run to your heart and respiration prices. According to The Verge, “The best headphones I tried [at CES 2015] – and the ones I’ll be tempted to buy as soon as they are available – were the touch-enabled Bragi Dash headphones. They are exactly what I’ve wanted. The seal and the friction from the rubber keep the buds in place and are surprisingly comfortable, and they’re light enough that they don’t feel like they would pull themselves out.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Bragi’s chief executive, Nikolaj Hviid, says that the ear is really a natural place on the body to gather this type of biometric information. The purpose, nonetheless, is combining that info into beneficial feedback, so that the Dash could, conceivably, inform a runner, based on her oxygen-saturation level and heart rate, whether she need to slow her pace.

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