Bugatti 3D-Printed Brake Caliper

At the start of this year, Bugatti introduced the first series-production 3D-printed brake caliper for use on future models, and before that could become a reality, they needed to do some serious testing. So, the Bugatti engineering decided to test the 6.4-pound titanium caliper at incredibly high loads, complete with simulated stops that are enough to cause a lot of heat, so much so that the rotor glows a bright orange and shoots off sparks. Read more to watch the test video and for additional information.

Despite the rigorous tests, the caliper does its job and brings the rotor to a stop repeatedly without any problems. This caliper is about five pounds lighter than the Chiron’s, and is made from 2213 layers of titanium powder that have been melted together using lasers over the course of 45 hours.

“It’s then cleared of any residual powder, and cooked in a furnace at 1292 degrees Fm It then undergoes a combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical treatments to ensure the metal’s strength. In addition to being cool to look at, it’s incredibly durable,” reports Road&Track.


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