Most Expensive Belt

From afar, the Calibre R822 looks like yet another jewel-encrusted smartphone, but it’s actually the world’s most expensive belt buckle. It weighs 145g, is made of 18K solid white gold with titanium, and is adorned with 387 diamonds, amounting to a total of 14.15 carats. What really makes this belt stand out are its 167 individual components. Not everything is just for show, there’s self-cleaning mechanisms and safety catches integrated to minimize accidental release. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

The company says,: “It is equipped with 16 (two rows of eight) self-cleaning track wheels that guide the ardillion slide precisely and securely, while a sprung ball bearing tensioner and dampener ensure smooth operation. Only three exclusive Predator buckles will be manufactured by the company, ensuring that if you buy one, you’re not likely to see it around your neighbor’s waist as well.”