Wrapping Paper Fail

Christmas is finally here, and while some people may not have the tradition of handing out gifts, many others still love waking up in the morning to a tree surrounded with boxes and bags filled with goods. There are some people who realize the morning of that they did not get anything for a certain someone, so a trip to whatever gas station / drug store / supermarket that may be open is a top priority, even if it means wrapping the item with notebook paper. Continue reading for more.

14. The Sock

13. Paper Bag Method

12. The Bow

11. Recycling

10. Custom Wrap

9. Hobo Santa

8. Continuation

7. Denim

6. Grocery Leftovers

5. From Amazon to Kim

4. Styrofoam

3. Duct Tape

2. Wrapping Paper

1. Garbage Bag