His name is Jacob Barnett and he’s not your average teenager; he has an IQ of 170, the highest that it can currently be tested for. That’s not all, he “is now so far advanced in his Indiana university studies that professors are lining him up for a PHD research role.” Outside of his studies, Jacob enjoys video games, has a girlfriend and attended his first dance shortly before his 13th birthday. Continue reading for more information and a few videos.


Jake was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, a mild form of autism, from an early age. He would fill up note pads of paper with drawings of complex geometrical shapes and calculations, before picking up felt tip pens and writing equations on windows. By the age of three he was solving 5,000-piece puzzles and he even studied a state road map, reciting every highway and license plate prefix from memory. By the age of eight he had left high school and was attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis advanced astrophysics classes.

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