Star Trek Enterprise Building China

Star Trek fans rejoice! Chairman Liu Dejianof China-based NetDragon Websoft modeled the company’s new headquarters after Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. After acquiring the licensing rights from CBS, they set out to construct the building, and so far, it’s taken six years of construction (2008-2014) and $160-million. Continue reading for an aerial video and more information.

“It’s the brainchild of our new favorite Chinese millionaire, Company Chairman Liu DeJian, an avowed “uberTrekkie” (uberTrekker?) and the 320th wealthiest person in China. Liu’s incredible homage took six years to build and cost him $160 million (the latest Star Trek flick had a $185 million budget). Inside the building, doors slide open automatically Star Trek style, 30-foot metal slides zip you from the third floor to the first and a replica display of a T-Rex named Stan leaves you in awe and confusion,” reports Shanghaiist.