Chronos High-Speed Camera

Priced from $2600, the Chronos 1.4, powered by a 1280×1024 CMOS image sensor with a 1.4Gpx/s throughput, costs only a fraction of a Phantom Flex ($25000) and is capable of capturing motion at 1,057 fps (full-resolution), all the way up to 21,649 fps at lower resolutions. It also features a touchscreen interface, complete with jog wheel, and is fully compatible with C and CS mount lenses out of the box, while drawing power from Nikon EN-EL4A batteries. Continue reading for a Phantom comparison video and more information.

“The pixel throughput remains nearly constant with changing resolution, allowing you to trade resolution for speed. Frame rate is resolution too – temporal resolution, and Chronos lets you choose the best of spatial or temporal resolution for your shot,” according to the company.