Climeworks Orca Largest Direct Air Capture Plant CO2
Climeworks officially launched Orca, the world’s first and largest direct air capture (DAC) plant, on September 8, 2021. Located in Iceland, this plant aims to take carbon dioxide removal to the next level by combining the company’s direct air capture technology with the underground storage of carbon dioxide provided by Carbfix. If all goes smoothly, it’s estimated to capture 4000-tons of CO₂ per year. Read more for two videos and additional information.

How does a direct air capture plant work? Simply put, large fans draw air into large box-like structures, where filters isolate the carbon dioxide. Climeworks’ proprietary process then seals the container, and raises the temperature up to 100℃, to release the gas. This captured carbon dioxide is then mixed with water, before being pumped into deep underground wells for storage and the mineralization process. Eventually, it becomes a geological formation, or a rock.

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Climeworks Orca Largest Direct Air Capture Plant CO2

The collector containers are the heart of our plant: this is where the two-step process to of capturing carbon dioxide takes place. Having all eight collector containers mounted marks an important milestone in the construction of Orca, as this is the starting point for all outside installations,” said the company.

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