Clocky Alarm Clock

The Clocky Alarm Clock is unlike any other in that it not only wakes you up, but the motorized gadget literally BASE jumps off your night stand and runs away to make sure snoozing isn’t an option. Yes, one actually needs to chase the device – powered by four AAA batteries – down, to turn it off. Product page. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Bored Panda says: “Clocky the motorized alarm clock will permit you one snooze, but after that, it leaps from your nightstand and drives away. It can endure falls of up to 3 feet (about 1 meter) and will continue beeping and flashing as it flees. A word of warning: for those that like to have a glass of water next to their bed, don’t put it in front of Clocky! Make sure its launch-path is clear, and that there are no other obstacles it might smash into on the way down.” More information.

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