File this under: top 10 student inventions. If you thought washing your clothes with a machine was too arduous of a task, Lee Wei Chen, a student from the Kingston University in London – originally from Taiwan – has just the invention for you. Called the “Amusement Washing Machine”, this contraption is completely dependent on the user’s gaming skills. In other words, if you play poorly, you’ll be asked to insert more coins before the washing cycle can be completed. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


To turn on the amusement washing machine, users have to insert three pound coins, which also gives them three lives in the video game. If they fail to reach a certain level in the video game without losing all their lives, the machine will respond by stopping the washing cycle forcing them to insert more coins. Lee Wei Chen, who worked as a design company in taipei, before coming to Kingston University, hopes his invention will help him find a job as a designer or engineer in the UK. His teachers at the British univesrity were certainly pleased with his idea and described his work as “an extremely well-executed design concept”.


“This is a big and original idea – examining the possibility of transporting the enjoyment and skills of electronic gaming into the more mundane world of practical electronic devices,” Lee Wei’s course leader, Colin Holden, said. “He’s chosen two instantly recognisable objects – a washing machine and an arcade game – to illustrate this idea. Together the two objects produce a striking new electronic device. It’s an extremely well-executed design concept.”

He hopes his new design will help him realise his ambition of securing a job as a designer or engineer in the United Kingdom – before coming to Kingston he worked at an industrial design company in Taipei where he picked up technical skills that proved useful when he started building a video game washing machine.

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