First, there were just random self-taken profile shots that eventually transformed into specialized smartphone apps for taking selfies, and now, we have the “SELFIE” by iStrategyLabs. Simply put, “SELFIE” (Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine) mirror automatically takes your picture when you smile at it. For the technical geeks, it’s powered by a Mac Mini computer running the open source facial recognition software called Open CV. There’s a webcam that looks outwards through the two-way mirror, and when a smile is detected, LEDs controlled by Arduiono light up vertically on the mirror. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to iStrategyLabs Chief Marketing Officer DJ Saul, “We also considered photos being triggered by a wink, but we went with a smile as it fit with the narrative a bit more for a smiling selfie. It could absolutely also be deployed in bars and things. The core experience is not that different from a photobooth really. What makes this special is all you see as a user is the mirror itself.”