Looking to be a monster straight from the Game of Thrones TV series, Fanny – designed by Zollner Elektronik AG – is a 30-foot high, fire-breathing mechanical dragon that can flap its 40-foot wings and walk on all fours. It’s touted as the world’s largest robot and made up of two hydraulic circuits consisting of 272 valves, 50 drives and uses 165 liters of oil. Continue reading for a video and more information.

It also has 4,265ft of electric cables and 360ft or pneumatic lines. Fanny can travel at around one mile per hour using its 140hp engine. The beast also carries 80 litres of stage blood, which squirts out of its back when it is lanced with a spear during the play.

The beast was created as part of the Tradinno project – a portmanteau of ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’ – set up to build the dragon that features in German folk play Drachenstich.


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