Utilizing silver nanowires and a tiny OLED display encased in rubbery plastic, UCLA researchers have developed the world’s most flexible OLED display. It’s currently capable of being stretched to twice its original size and can also be folded a full 180-degrees without it breaking. That’s right, even after rigorous 1,000 fold / twist / bend tests, the display remains fully functional. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The UCLA team, headed by principal investigator Qibing Pei developed the prototype display in an effort to move flexible electronics closer to reality, and it looks like they’ve succeeded wonderfully.

The silver nanowires are practically invisible to the naked eye and their rubbery housing keeps them from being exposed to the air, which would eat away at their delicate structures very rapidly.

Those wallpaper-thin stretchy displays could lead to sensitive, fleshy robotic skins, squishy smartwatches and clothing.