Instead of TechEBlog’s usual “Top 10 Strangest…” list, our editors decided to change it up this week and bring you the “Coolest NES Mods Ever”. From controller to console mods, it’s all here. [ShoutIt]

NES Alarm Clock

This modder gutted his old NES and fitted it with a fully functional alarm clock. The buttons are wired to the console’s player 1 controller port (clock settings), reset button (snooze), and power button (alarm indicator). Lastly, he custom mounted an LED display behind the cartridge slot to display the time. [marvinac]

Cigar Box NES

If you’ve got an old cigar box why not stuff an NES into it? That’s exactly what this person did, it may not look pretty but everything functions.

NES (Famicon) Drum Machine

Constructed from eight NES (Famicon) consoles and a Roland 606 drum machine, this thing definitely rocks. Its creator wasn’t worried about the cost, the real headache came when building a “flightcase” that actually fit everything. Source: [Music Thing]

NES Controller MP3 Player

Martin Kersch of Germany made great use of a boring Saturday afternoon by transforming an ordinary USB Stick and NES Controller into an MP3 Player. He even hacked the buttons on the controller to work with the mp3 player, “Start” is On/Play, and the directional pad functions as the song changer/volume control. [FutureNews]

Mac Mini NES

Borrowing some of the NES’s retro looks, the Mac Mini NES is one of the coolest mods we’ve seen. Underneath the shell you’ll find a fully functional Mac Mini, DVD-Writer, and IDE to USB 2.0 circuitry. [brentalan]

NES DVD Player

VintageComputing managed to fit a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 DVD player into an old NES case, complete with retractable DVD tray, infared receiver, functional remote control, and stereo/S-Video/RCA jacks.[VintageComputing]

NES Micro

This custom made handheld is able to play all the old-school NES games that you grew up with. Ben Heckerdon spent countless hours designing the case which looks amazing. Other features include a 2.5″ display, volume control, and headphone jack. Powered by four AA batteries you can take this thing anywhere. [BenHeck]


This all-in-one machine can play both Sega Genesis and NES games. The case was made from custom molded ABS plastic and features controller ports for both systems. [elephantstaircase]

NES Controller DS Mod

An amazing feat of design, Hatrix took apart his entire DS, sanded off the paint, rubbed it down with a brasso, and carefully integrated the NES controller face logo. [4ColorRebellions]


Our list wouldn’t be complete without a NES PC. Beneath the plastic shell lies a 1GHz VIA C3 processor, 512MB of PC2100 memory, 40GB 5400RPM hard drive, Morex 80W PSU, and Panasonic Combo Drive.[ExtremeTech]

NES Controller Optical Mouse

Most optical mice are boring, not this one. To make your own, you’ll need an NES controller, optical mouse, dremel tool, lots of glue, soldering gun, and four-five hours. []

NES Controller TV Remote

What better way to hide the TV remote than stuffing it inside an NES controller. Plus, you only have to spend around $13.00 buying the parts needed for this project – an old controller, remote, two AA batteries, and a few hours of hacking. [Zerosign]

Lego NES Case

If Nintendo came out with a Lego NES case, this would be it. Everything is 100% Lego – power/reset buttons, controller ports, LED light cover, and even the vents up top. One more picture here.[RetroNintendo]

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