Cornstarch Flamethrower

Ivan Owen is fully prepared for a zombie apocalypse, and this fully-functional DIY flamethrower will just be one of the many weapons in his arsenal. Made from a battery-powered leaf blower, a blowtorch and a flour sifter, this homemade contraption runs on dry ingredients that can be picked up at any store. You can put things like cornstarch, non-dairy powdered creamer, flour and several other dried goods, in the attached flour sifter, and as they’re being sifted into the tube, the leaf blower shoots them through to the torch, setting them ablaze right in front of you. Continue reading to see it in-action.

“The whole thing is put together using custom 3D-printed pieces, so anyone looking to replicate Owen’s creation will need the schematics from Owen to make it work. It’s probably a good thing Owen is keeping those plans secret for now, however, as the last thing the world needs is millions of people wielding flamethrowers,” says CNET.


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