Tiny House Giant Journey

Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard were living in Los Angeles working as an engineer and an executive assistant respectively two years ago. Guillaume had always loved photography, and Jenna wanted to become a writer, so they decided to take a leap of faith by quitting their jobs and building a tiny house to travel the country in. They sold almost everything they had to fund their project. After a year and over 1,000 hours of hard work, “Tiny House Giant Journey” became a reality. Continue reading for a video tour, more pictures and additional information.

“Together with their dog Salies, Guillaume and Jenna have spent the last five months criss-crossing 10,000 miles across the US in their 125-square-foot house, traveling everywhere from Florida to New York City to the Painted Desert in Arizona. Their cozy abode may be small, but it has everything they need, reduces their carbon footprint, and allows them a higher quality of life without costing an arm and a leg,” reports My Modern Met.