We bring you the third installment of our “Crazy Case Mods” series. The Cammer V8 tops our list, which ones are your favorites? [DewModShoutIt]

Martini PC

Yes, this computer was modeled after a real martini glass, complete with snazzy neon lights. It features an AthlonXP 3200+ processor, 512MB of Corsair PC3200 XMS memory, 120GB SATA hard drive, ATI All-in-Wonder Pro 9700 graphics card, and Sony DVD-CDRW drive.

From the article: “I started with the Idea that I wanted a Mod that wasn’t just a box with a hole cut in the side with some lights. I wanted to create something that wasn’t square and was kinda cool to look at, even when It wasn’t on.”


Bugged Out

Building the case – from balsa wood, epoxy, green dye, and carbon fiber – for “Bugged Out” took more than six months and 500 hours. On the inside, you’ll find a P4 processor, Slimline DVD player, and servo motors to open/close the wings.

From the article: “I had wanted to do a dung beetle,” he says. “But there was no internal volume so I had to make a custom bug. It’s a bug that doesn’t exist in real life.”


Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise PC

Now this is one extreme case mod. Looking more like a toy, this aircraft carrier-inspired PC features easily removable hardware components, a custom keyboard/mouse, and even working runway lights.

From the article: “I saw this cool looking toy of the aircraft carrier Enterprise. I looked closer at it, and thought that it might be big enough to hold one of those great Mini-ITX motherboards from VIA.”


Cammer V8

David Ledogar created a case that looks to pack some real horsepower. Featuring a P4 processor, 512MB of memory, 3d surround sound equalizer, and an NVIDIA graphics card.[mofocases]

PainMaster 5000

Here’s another crazy Unreal Tournament inspired case. This one resembles the PainMaster 5000 rocket launcher. Technical specs have not been released.

From the article: “I made this case completely from scratch, using wood and PVC. The inspiration came from the Unreal Tournament Rocket Launcher.”


Aluminum Spire

Taking a minimialist approach, the “Aluminum Spire” features a sleek industrial design. Offering an AMD Athlon XP processer, 768MB of PC3200 memory, GeForce 6600GT graphics module, and a 300W Fortron PSU.

From the article: “The cooling solution works! Fans were set to 7 volts. With 2 hours of CpuBurn, the CPU’s temperature didn´t rise above 40 C.”


Bio Hazard

With green slime, bright colors, and rust accents, the “Bio-Hazard” looks like something straight from a horror flick. Underneath all that, is a fully functional computer. Unfortunately, technical specs were not available. [thebestcasescenario]

UT Mod

The UT Mod takes case modding to a whole new level. Boasting a clear acrylic case, an AMD Xp2400+ overclocked to 2.21-GHz, 1GB of Geil Ultra PC 3200 memory, 80GB hard drive, and a Sapphire X800pro VIVO graphics card.

From the article: “The UTMod started simple enough. I was trying to think of a cool way to make a LAN rig by bending Acrylic. I also wanted to pay homage to one of my all time favorite games”