Priced from $6975, the Jetovator can thrust riders 30-feet into the air using water-powered thrusters. The idea came to entrepreneur Rob Innes about 20-years-ago, but the first prototype wasn’t built until 2011. According to Innes, the experience of riding a Jetovator is similar to that of a bike, but gives you the “aerial capabilities of a fighter aircraft.” Its movement is intuitive with the rider leaning left to right in order to steer it. Continue reading for an actual Jetovator competition video from a Lake Havasu event.

Mr. Innes would also like to add, “It’s very easy to operate and quick to master. People don’t need to be very athletic or skilled to do it so it’s very popular. It is much much easier to learn and safer than water skiing, wakeboarding, wind surfing or kitesurfing.”


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