We’ve scoured the net for some of the fastest R/C planes around — includes the F-14 and B-29. If we missed any, please let us know.

Radio Controlled F-14 Jet

This radio controlled F-14 Tomcat features twin afterburners and packs plenty of punch.

200MPH Radio-Controlled Jet

Similar to the F-14 we previously covered, this radio-controlled Gruapner Hotspot Jet is capable of flying at speeds of up to 200MPH — powered by a Jetcat P80 turbine.

R/C B-29 with X-1 Rocket

Yes, this radio-controlled B-29 is equipped with an X-1 rocket. It’s powered by “4 motors each swing 28 inch props producing over 200 lbs of thrust.”

The B-29 is very much a gas model. However, I think most anyone interested in any form of RC can appreciate this effort. The X-1 is powered by rocket motor that is ignited onboard via transmitter


186+mph Jet Powered R/C Plane

File this under: “Cool R/C Gadgets” You may have seen other radio-controlled planes before, but not quite as fast as this one.

This plane must be a rush to fly. The music is a great match for the video