Tourbillon Ride Contact

Remember the complex machine, which allowed for one human occupant inside a pod to be dropped into three spinning rings, from the movie “Contact”? If so, you’ll definitely want to ride Switzerland-based ABC Rides latest attraction, “Tourbillon”. It’s claimed that riders will experience 5G’s of downforce, and after watching the video, we definitely agree. Continue reading for the clip.

A company representative says (rough translation): “Despite the total weight of 180 tons – the equivalent of 50 elephants – the system is designed both as a stationary or mobile version. The first delivery is in a few weeks at the French showmen Vatonne, which the plant Starlight is baptized and actually already the Foire du Trone wanted to celebrate (March to May) in Paris Premiere. For the consummate advertising trick he planned, members of the French space agency CNES invite (Centre national d’etudes spatiales) to the premiere. In up to 20 meters high, you can now experience its very own space and time travel here.”

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