Move over Coca-Cola Freestyle, there’s a new machine in town, and it’s called the Pepsi Spire. They’re currently being tested at select US locations (Taco Bell mainly) and will continued to be rolled out through 2014. It is available in three different configurations: “the Spire 1.1 with up to 40 beverage combinations and a 10-inch touchscreen; the Spire 2.0 with up to 500 beverage combinations and a 15-inch touchscreen; and the Spire 5.0 with over 1000 beverage combinations and a 32″ touchscreen,” according to Brand Eating. Continue reading for a video of it in-action.

Brand Eating also reports that, the “Pepsi Spire evolved from the Pepsi Touch Tower, which was piloted in the US last year and can also be found in Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. The look of the Spire is also echoed in the Pepsi Spire Ice Dispenser; Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine, and the Pepsi Smart Cooler.”