Dad Records Self at Daughter's Graduation

Posted by Classic Dad on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Photo credit: Peta Pixel

It’s a common mistake to accidentally activate the front-facing camera when shooting photos with a smartphone, but if you’re at a once-in-a-lifetime event, like your daughter’s graduation, you might want to make sure that’s not the case. One dad unfortunately thought he was shooting his daughter walking across the stage at her graduation, but instead, the 36-second clip shows himself just cheering. Continue reading for another epic wins and fails compilation.

“The phrase ‘For the Win’ was been in usage since prior 2005. However, ‘Epic Win”‘ has only begun trending by mid-2007. The earliest entries for the terms in Urban Dictionary are on March 25, 2003 by Fruchle, April 29, 2007 by Jamal-Mufasa Cosby, and May 12, 2005 by kuchen for Win, Epic Win, and For the Win, respectively,” according to Know Your Meme.