3D-Printed Hands

Photo credit: Inside Edition

Tori Anderson is an 11-year-old who was born with just one finger on each hand, but through pure luck, her father made a connection that allowed her to get a pair of functioning hands, thanks to University of Notre Dame students and 3D printer technology. Doug Anderson recently started driving for Uber for some extra cash, and one night, he picked up Notre Dame engineering student Michael Skinner from a formal event in Indiana. Skinner then told him about e-Nable, a group of students who studied printed designs online and able to construct 3D hands to fit Tori. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Powered by 3D printer technology, people are making prosthetics at a fraction of the cost. Watch this episode of ‘Superhuman’ for the story of how e-NABLE, an online network of volunteers, has created 3,000 bionic hands for people in need (mostly kids) across 90 countries,” according to Free Think Media.

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