DARPA and Boston Dynamics have just unveiled LS3, a bulletproof robotic mule that can haul 400-pounds of supplies over 20-miles of rugged terrain on a single tank of fuel. Utilizing computer vision, this four-legged robot is able to autonomously follow its human leader, and can also be programmed to travel to a designated location using GPS directions. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Though the LS3 can also last a whole 24 hour mission, the current model is distressingly noisy, thanks to a gas-powered hydraulic pump.

Also, although the LS3 is bulletproof over most of its body, one crucial place isn’t: the head area, where many of its sensors are situated. With an additional $10 million in funding, DARPA hopes the robot will eventually be immune to small arms fire over its entire body.


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