Deep Dive Dubai World's Deepest Swimming Pool
Deep Dive Dubai has opened and it’s officially the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving. Guests can dive 197-feet to a submerged city that looks to be straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. The pool itself can hold the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools, and is 49.2-feet (15 meters) deeper than any other. For extra safety, there’s a total of 56 underwater cameras installed throughout to ensure that safety crews will be able to reach anyone in need. Read more for two videos and additional information.

As many already know, it can get quite dark in deep water, and that’s why Deep Dive Dubai installed state-of-the-art lighting as well as sound systems to create a variety of underwater moods. The pool’s fresh water is kept ultra clean by being filtered and circulated every six hours through siliceous volcanic rock, NASA-developed filter technology as well as UV radiation. Deep Dive Dubai is currently open by invitation only with bookings opening in late July.

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Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive inwards and discover a new underwater dimension filled with adventure and wonder. We offer an unparalleled experience with year-round diving, in a safe environment, with outstanding instructors and services. In developing the concept and facility, we took inspiration from the bravery and fortitude of the UAE’s pearl diving heritage. We also hope to embody the determination of Emirati explorers and innovators, both past and present, as well as provide a platform for future achievements and discoveries,” said Abdulla bin Habtoor, Deep Dive Dubai’s spokesperson.

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