Priced at at hefty $1.7-million, the DeepFlight Super Falcon is shaped like a stout fighter jet with two stubby 8.8-feet wide “wings” at each side and features a super slim chassis, along with a domed semicircle waterproof windows that allow the 20.11 feet submersible to soar through water instead of simply sinking like traditional submarines. Continue reading for a video – filmed entirely with GoPro cameras – and more information.

It’s equipped with emergency gas bags that will enable its occupants to float to the surface and also comes with 24-hour life support to ensure a safe return. A pressurized cockpit – good for up to 3 riders – balances out the atmospheric pressure as the driver goes deeper, up to a depth of about 1,600 feet. Not just meant for straight line travel, it’s designed “to do underwater barrel rolls around dolphins or spy-hops with whales to complete your underwater transformation into a metal mermaid,” all the while powered by environmentally friendly brushless DC thrusters and lithium iron phosphate batteries that give it a maximum cruise speed of six knots, a maximum thrust of 509 pounds, and a duration of eight hours per charge.