Digital Dress Auctionn Blockchain
Photo credit: The Fabricant
We have seen the future of fashion, and it’s digital. The Fabricant, Dapper Labs and artist Johanna Jaskowska teamed up to create a digital dress, called Iridescence, that recently sold for $9,500 on the blockchain. Unlike in-game costumes and other video game items, this digital couture will be custom tailored based on a photo you submit, and since it’s a blockchain asset, its value may actually increase, like cryptocurrency. Read more for a video and additional information.

“It’s also based on 2D patterns used for conventional clothes, so you could theoretically create a real life equivalent. There is, however, some reasoning behind it. It’s environmentally friendly, for one. There are already virtual models with legions of followers and even major sponsorship deals,” reports Engadget.

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