This special surgical procedure was pioneered by Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal to correct various eye defects (heterochromia, ocular albinism, etc.). Now, the artificial iris implant procedure being advertised as cosmetic surgery for people who want to permanently change the color of their eyes. According to Oddity Central, “the artificial iris is a thin, non-toxic prosthesis made of the same ophthalmic grade silicone used in intraocular lenses. Since the fake iris is very flexible, it can be folded and inserted into the eye through a peripheral corneal surgical incision about 2.8 mm long, and unfolded over the natural iris.” Continue reading for a video of someone who got the procedure done.

According to the website of BrightOcular, the company behind the increasingly popular cosmetic eye surgery, the procedure is “short, safe, and painless”, taking about 15 minutes for each eye. The surgery has a purely cosmetic purpose, it does not fix vision defects, so patients will still need to wear refractive instruments to correct their vision.

Unlike other laser-based procedures that remove a layer of melanin from the iris in order to permanently change its color, BrightOcular claims their iris implant can easily be removed in case of complications or if the patient so desires.