Solar Battery Pack

X-DRAGON’s 14W Dual USB Sunpower Solar Pack lets you ditch the wires when you’re out and about, all for $28.15 with coupon code: ZD7TD4YX, today only, originally $119.99. This “solar charger has high efficiency power conversion rate, so it can capture more sunlight than conventional solar panels, do not need much sunlight to charge items. The transformation effeciency is up to 22%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower,” according to the product description. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: ZD7TD4YX during final checkout to receive the additional discount. Continue reading for another video review and more information.

“Bright sunny day today, measures around 165,000 lux (using my Galaxy S5 and “GPS Status” app on phone) just past solar noon in southern new england. Today I used 2 Drok USB power meters, one in each output port and two devices (phone and battery pack) to pull maximum power from the panel. I was pleasantly surprised to see a total charge power of 1.9 Amps!! (divided between my battery pack and phone) This is a significant increase in power ‘generation’ from the last test, and is almost as powerful as the fastest USB wall chargers available today, so to me, this is huge,” said one reviewer. More information.