Tomako Helmet Noise-Insulating

Introverts rejoice! Anna Salonen and Yuki Abe of Finland’s MottoWasabi have created Tomako, a real bizarre-looking, noise-insulating device that is perfect for when you just don’t feel like conversing. While it may look like Marvin the Martian’s helmet, this creation can also be used as a privacy shield for your computer when seated. “[It] helps you to create an immediate territory of your own by eliminating elements that interfere with your concentration, such as noise or visual distractions. At the same time, it signals to others that you are not to be disturbed,” said Yuki Abe. Continue reading for more pictures and information. Click here to view some more cool and unusual gadgets from around the world.

Noise Insulating Helmet
Noise Insulating Helmet

“It doesn’t reduce all the noise, but the noise has less volume. When talking on the phone under Tomoko, others don’t hear well what you are saying. When it comes to visual distractions, it’s possible to see in front but not to the sides. The experience is that the outside world disappears,” he says. “The feeling is like having a meditation and reality escape,” said Abe.


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