Anker A7910 Speaker

Anker’s A7910 Pocket Bluetooth Speaker with NFC can easily be transported anywhere, and it’s being offered for just $9.99 (clip coupon below price), today only, originally $19.99. A 3W audio driver, passive subwoofer and precision-engineered design deliver a clear, full-bodied sound you simply wouldn’t expect. This has remarkable stamina for something so small. An ultra-high density battery enables 12 hours of non-stop playtime and recharges in just 3 hours. Connect with any NFC or bluetooth-enabled device (versions 2.1 and above) or just plug in with the included AUX cable to start your tunes. Product page. Continue reading for another hands-on video review and more information.

The sound that comes out of this little speaker is impressive. I wanted an inexpensive bluetooth speaker to use at work with my ipod and couldn’t be happier. I’m using it with an older ipod and the music sometimes skips a little but I think it’s because of the age of the ipod and probably an older bluetooth version that causes the skipping, not the speaker. It works skip-free with my iphone 6 plus and the sound with that is actually a little louder and better quality that my ipod,” said one reviewer. More information.