Anker Vertical Mouse

Anker’s Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse is the perfect solution for wrist strain while using the computer, and it’s being offered for just $9.99, today only, originally $39.99. Its scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain. Five buttons give you improved control over your computer’s systems. Whether dragging and dropping, selecting large volumes of data, or casually gaming, this mouse provides a low-cost, effective solution for multiple computing needs. Product page. Continue reading for another hands-on video review and more information.

I work from home and often spend over 8 hours per day on my computer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve been having problems with my mouse wrist and arm. My father got one of of these mice (he got the cordless, I the corded) and I tried it out and found it helpful enough to buy my own. I’ve now had the mouse for a couple of weeks, using it whenever I use my computer. Thus far, I have had no wrist problems, and less than the usual clicker fatigue. The mouse generally works as a mouse should, both in regular usage and in video games. I would both recommend this mouse and buy it again,” said one reviewer. More information.