Kickr Longboard

Why spend $1,000+ on a boosted board, when you could just pick up a Kickr, which is basically a modular, patent-pending, precision-machined, non-obtrusive electric drivetrain that is compatible with almost any board. There’s no re-drilling decks, changing trucks or even wheels, and it will work with your board to preserve the fundamentals of the way you ride. Simply strap on the accessory, remove a nut, and spin the motor mount on. The throttle is controlled with your feet, letting you zip around town at speeds up to 20 mph. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“Attach Kickr to your board and turn it on. To accelerate, first push off like normal and then lean into the throttle pad on the strap when you want to increase your speed. (The placement of the pad is adjustable). Remove/ease pressure from the throttle pad to cruise. To slow down, use conventional boarding braking and bailing techniques as needed,” said the company.

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