First off, our team would like to thank for providing us with a customized Doodle Speaker by OrigAudio for review. Simply put, this gadget — featured on ABC’s Shark Tank — lets anyone create their very own customized speaker, graphics and all. Product page. Continue reading for our full review.


At $39.95, the Doodle Speaker is powered by either two AAA batteries or via USB. It weighs in at 9.6-ounces, boasts a customizable front fabric, and even a nifty kickstand to boot. This gadget works with any device that sports a 3.5mm headphone jack, including the iPhone, tablets, etc.


As you can hear from the video (recorded without an external microphone) above, sound quality is great considering the size and power output. We connected the Doodle Speaker to an iPhone 4 streaming Pandora. Even at maximum volume there was no static or distortion, the sound was crystal clear and had decent bass.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a speaker that allows you to add a personal touch, whether to give as a gift, employees, etc., look no further than the Doodle Speaker. Best of all, shipping is lightning fast. Our review unit went from the production process to arriving at the office, in just 3-days total (including shipping). We highly recommend this gadget!

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