Google Earth Pro Free

Previously, you had to pay $399 to enjoy the feature sof Google Earth Pro, but now the service is free for everyone to use. You can use it to plan hikes, where to put solar panels on rooftops, measuring 3D buildings, and even printing high-resolution images for presentations or reports. The fun doesn’t stop there, Pro can also record HD movies of your virtual flights around the world. For those interested, just grab a key and download Google Earth Pro here. If you want to see the Google Earth Flight Simulator in-action, continue reading for a video

Initially the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the Cirrus SR-22 were the only aircraft available, and they could be used with only a few airports. However, one can start flight in “current location” and need not to be at an airport. One will face the direction they face when they start the flight simulator. They cannot start flight in ground level view and must be near the ground (approximately 50m-100m above the ground) to start in take-off position. Otherwise they will be in the air with 40% flaps and gears extended (landing position). In addition to keyboard control, the simulator can be controlled with a mouse or joystick.


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