Buttercup, an adorable duck born last year in a high school biology lab, was born with a deformed foot and has been unable to walk properly. According to caretakers at the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary, he was just “hobbling around on it”. Thanks to 3D-printing, Buttercup is able to walk just like any other duck. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

After the foot was amputated, a 3D printing company donated its services to aid in Buttercup’s recovery. Photos of Buttercup’s sister’s foot were used to 3D print a mold, which will be used to cast a silicone prosthesis, explains CNET.

Feathered Angels received the materials needed to mold the duck’s foot and the sock to hold it in place on Thursday, according to Buttercup’s Facebook page.