E-Go Cruise

Yuneec, a company known for developing electric aerial drive systems, has unveiled the E-Go Cruiser, a motorized longboard that combines robust range, performance and an affordable price tag. Equipped with a wirelessly controlled 400-watt electric propulsion system, the lightweight controller can be slipped right over your wrist. It’s the first electric longboard that can travel 18-miles (3-5 hours) on a single charge. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Yuneec limits the E-Go Cruiser’s top speed to just over 12 mph (20 km/h) in “sport” mode (economy mode limited to 7.5 mph/12 km/h). That’s slower than a lot of the other electric boards out there, but the company feels that it should satisfy “90 percent of the riders 90 percent of the time.” The company says the top speed was set for safety purposes, and we’re sure it also contributes to the Cruiser’s longer range. Yuneec suggests that the E-Go will be the first in a line of products, so perhaps future boards will adjust the range-to-speed ratio in favor of sportier performance,” reports Gizmag.

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