Called the EA Bar, this unique themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is marketed exclusively to airsoft lovers. It comes complete with its own airsoft shooting range, various airsoft guns fashioned after their real-life counterparts, and plenty of food as well as cocktails. Some of the specialty drinks include, a chocolate liquor called Glock 18c, a SPAS12 with absinthe, and a vodka-based Thomson. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Oddity Central, “Once you are seated at a table, you will be presented with the cocktail and meal menus, along with a very unique ‘gun menu’. This special catalog lists all the airsoft guns available at the restaurant. Or, you could carry your own gun. And there’s another menu with a list of targets to choose from. Combat isn’t allowed in the dining area; all the shooting takes place in an adjoining glass-walled 33-foot shooting range. Thanks to the high walls, shots don’t tend to fly into the diners’ food.”

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